Mel Gibson caught on camera saluting Trump at UFC match | New York Post

Controversial actor Mel Gibson saluted former President Donald Trump on Saturday, when they both attended a UFC match near Las Vegas.

Gibson, known for starring roles in “The Patriot” and “Braveheart,” was captured making the military-style gesture to Trump as the former president walked through the crowd and waved.

The clip attracted widespread social media commentary as it circulated following Conor McGregor’s loss to Dustin Poirier.

Gibson, 65, was not previously a well-known Trump supporter. He dissed Trump’s plan for a US-Mexico border wall in 2016 and didn’t vocally back him in 2020 — unlike more forceful Hollywood Trump backers like Kirstie Alley and Jon Voight, who routinely promoted Trump’s re-election campaign.

Even actors Vince Vaughn and Kelsey Grammar were more open than Gibson about their support for Trump.

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